Build an app from scratch to address the needs of someone that is visually impaired, hard of hearing, or disabled - win $1,000!

Co-sponsored by the Monmouth School of Science, the vision of the third annual WorkWave Hackathon is to get talented developers together with the shared goal of creating an application for those that are visually impaired, hard of hearing or disabled, that will assist them in completing everyday tasks easier (or allow them to have a little more fun!).  

When deciding which kind of app to create, put yourself in the shoes of those you are trying to help.  Imagine doing your daily tasks without being able to see/hear/touch.  For example, would you be able to text and send emails? Navigate through a city? Pay with cash? Examine the daily struggles the disabled are faced with, and create or improve on an app to solve or alleviate the task. Let’s open up new doors and possibilities!

Judging criteria for the contest will be scored based off creativity, level of difficulty,  execution, and most importantly the degree to which the application helps those in need. Developers can score extra points if thier app can be used on a wearable device - details will be shared at the start of the event.



  • Saturday
    10:30AM: Registration & Team Formation
    11:15AM: Welcome & Introduction
    12:00PM: Coding Begins!
    12:00PM: Lunch is Served
    7:00PM: Dinner is Served
  • Sunday
    12:00AM: Late Night Snack is Served
    8:00AM: Breakfast is Served
    12:00PM: Coding Ends
    12:30PM: Presentations Begin
    1:30PM: Winners Announced

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Chris Sullens

Chris Sullens
CEO & President, WorkWave

George Tachev

George Tachev
Director of Field Service Engineering, WorkWave

Ashley Lobbato

Ashley Lobbato
I/DD Manager, Monmouth Cares

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Level of Difficulty
  • Execution
  • Usability
    Most importantly, the degree to which the application helps those in need